The Bevin Boys

The Bevin Boys are an authentic 1940s style swing band.

The Bevin Boys have performed at The Royal Albert Hall, toured the UK and Europe and performed at major UK festivals and vintage events including The Isle of Wight Festival, Twinwood Festival, War & Peace, Upton Jazz Festival, Carentan (Normandy) D-Day commemorations and many more. They specialise in recreating the swing sound of the 30s, 40s and early 50s. From their repertoire, instruments and costumes, The Bevin Boys are a real nostalgia trip! Their music is perfect for dancing and listening! The boys are available for parties, functions, public events either with a vintage flavour or just for something a little different!

The boys are a trio comprising guitar, double bass and drums with drummer Will doubling on vocals. They are also the live band for The Three Belles who are one of the UK's foremost Andrews Sisters style harmony trios.

Pennies From Heaven


The Bevin Boys at West End Live, Trafalgar Square.